Please read this document carefully. It contains the Privacy Policy and is an integral part of the Terms of Service, as well as our internal rules for processing and protecting personal data. If you do not agree with our Terms and Conditions, then you will not be able to use the services provided on the Site by Wine Emporium. After making changes to the Policy changes will be published here, at: "".

Updated: September 1, 2018

About us

Wine Emporium. (Administrator) is a company registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency in UIC 121593957 with a registered office and address in 1407. Plovdiv, ul. Phillip Kuteev, 137 Tel: 02 868 52 68; e-mail:

Company contact information for Wine Emporium regarding the protection of personal data of our customers

Wine Emporium
Sofia, 1680, ul. Kazbek, 59

By agreeing with the Privacy Policy, you authorize Wine Emporium to receive and process your personal data that may be processed in connection with the performance of commercial transactions.

What personal data do we process?

1. First name:

First Name Last Name

Date / month / year of birth

2. Shipping address

3. Complete company data

4. Contacts

How do we process your personal data?

The processing of your personal data is necessary to fulfill your order, as well as its documentation in accordance with national legislation. The current privacy policy is also part of Wine Emporium's internal rules for processing and protecting personal data.

For what purposes will we use your data?

The personal data you provide will be used for the following purposes:

Provide the products that you requested;
To fulfill contractual obligations;
Prepare and submit applications by phone, email or other direct means;
Preparation and sending of invoices and transmission protocols by telephone, e-mail, e-mail or other direct means;
Any technical assistance to support the services provided;
Prevent illegal actions that are contrary to legal norms;
processing of data at the time of appointment, reporting, acceptance, payment;
fulfillment of all other legislative requirements, prevention of corruption actions and obligations in accordance with the Law on Measures to Combat Money Laundering.

Ensure reliability of data processing and storage:

each user creates an account and is authorized in the system with a personal address (e-mail address) and a password;
processing of personal data is possible only by persons authorized to do so;

With respect to the personal safety of each user, the following rules must be observed:

Change your password - at least once a month;
The password must consist of letters, numbers and special characters;
The password must not be less than 6 (six) characters long;
Avoid using a publicly available wireless network system;
Do not save your username and password in the browser.
Do not document your username and password on paper
Do not share your account with third parties.


Your rights regarding your personal data

In accordance with Bulgarian law, you have the following rights with respect to your personal data processed by Wine Emporium:

Access to your personal data, which is processed by the company;

In case of incompleteness or inaccuracy of data processed by Wine Emporium, your personal data will be corrected.

Ask for your data to be deleted when the conditions are met;

In cases provided by law, it is required that your personal data be processed;

Exercise your right to data portability;

To withdraw your consent when processing your personal data, you agree.

The withdrawal of this consent does not affect the legality of the processing of personal data prior to withdrawal.

7. Individuals may exercise their right to appeal to the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data, which is the supervisory authority in the field of personal data protection, at 1592 Sofia, Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov.