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08 / 07

Remember this charming label, this is CARE - the leading wine line of Bodegas Añadas and it is also the ancient Roman name for the Spanish city of Cariñena.
By choosing the name, the winery pays homage to the tradition of one of the oldest wine regions in Spain and respect for the vine and wine.
The labels are always human faces and are original works of art by Enrique Torrijos.
Each wine has its own face is the message of the winery, and that each person seeks and finds his own wine. Which of the two concepts is yours, you can decide tonight, when we will try CARE wines in Vino & Tapas 2. The event is here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1500563186944927/?ref=newsfeed
All CARE wines can be found here: https://emporium.wine/bg/search/?q=Care
As in all our stores, we work from 11:00 to 20:00, Monday-Saturday.
Bul. Prince Dondukov 25
Str. Hristo Belchev 50
Str. Kazbek 59
Str. Exarch Joseph 30
Bul. James Boucher 99-101

25 / 06

Today, in addition to Friday, is also the World Rose Day.
Both occasions deserve a glass of wine and pleasant company.
The wine is from us - we have a great selection of rosettes from around the world and style. You can view them here

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24 / 06

Some people need to clarify that summer has officially arrived and the cocktail season is open. With us, the cocktail season is constantly open because we have a huge variety of alcohols. Such as the inimitable Rhum de Guadeloupe Passione.
The quality of the rum is the most important thing to make the cocktail really good, and this rum is great - it has passed through barrels of cognac, which gives it an original and atypical touch. Color - mahogany with copper reflections; Aroma - fruity aromas, subtle notes of fresh coconut, after which the spices stand out to emphasize the woody side.
Because what is summer without a tempting Caribbean cocktail?

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22 / 06

The ideal wine for the beginning of the barbecue season is…. Beaujolais.
Don't be surprised, because Beaujolais has a serious side. Their best wines are made in the northern part of the region and have more density and depth, but still French elegant, just like this Fleurie, which comes from one of the most prestigious regions.
To enjoy Beaujolais to the fullest, of course it is best to walk to France, but if we can not - fresh bread and cheese in the garden, just before the barbecue is ready, will do a great job.
You can find this ethereal Fleurie, as well as many other interesting wines in all our stores, open from 11:00 to 20:00.
Bul. Prince Dondukov 25
Str. Hristo Belchev 50
Str. Kazbek 59
Str. Exarch Joseph 30
Bul. James Boucher 99-101

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25 / 05

For the true wine lover a gift bottle of wine is always nice.
We offer you something much more interesting and valuable - the Rioja collection of Vina Valoria in the following vintages 1968, 1973, 1982 and 1987. Here is the gift that will melt the heart of anyone passionate about wine.

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22 / 01

This superb merlot of the famous Duckhorn winery has gathered all the solar charm from the wine heart of California (depending on the vintage, the labels say Sonoma County or Napa Valley). It has a rich, multi-layered taste with nuances of fresh strawberries and raspberries, and the aroma of plum, cedar wood and hints of spices for pastries. We end with a soft and smooth finish with well-integrated tannins and excellent structure.
Dan and Margaret Duckhorn had exactly such small masterpieces in their vision when they founded the Duckhorn Vineyards, one of the first 40 wineries in the Napa Valley, in 1976.
And now you can find it at an extremely attractive price here: https://emporium.wine/en/products/934/?h=35e649f5

Also in all our stores:
Bul. Prince Dondukov 25
Str. Hristo Belchev 50
Str. Kazbek 59
Str. Exarch Joseph 30
Bul. James Boucher 99-101

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Biscardi's Amarone della Valpolicella produced by the varieties of Corvina, Rondinella and Molinara.

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