Nicolas Feuillatte Millesime Cuvee 2013

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750 mL
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750 mL
Celebrating finesse and a lighter style Champagne, the 2013 Cuvée Spéciale combines freshness, poise and minerality, all unleashed with joyful exuberance. Finely-sculpted structure, fresh fruit and tremendous purity come together in this nuanced Champagne where full-flavoured chardonnay blends effortlessly with pinot noir structure. Always vintage, Cuvée Spéciale unites the three classic Champagne grape varieties, which are aged at least three years in our cellars, and deliver inescapable freshness and elegance. Shaped by an exceptional vintage year, where ripe grapes yielded fresh, expressive juices, this Champagne can be enjoyed for any occasion, from pre-dinner drinks to fine dining. Aromas of white fruits, sweet spices and lime-blossom, together with impressive length and delightful freshness on the palate, define this Champagne. Unveiling its character with utter abandon, the 2013 Cuvée Spéciale would make the perfect partner to light, savoury dishes. This great cuvée, a beacon of Nicolas Feuillatte style, effortlessly celebrates finesse and lightness; harmony incarnate!
60 cru wines, including a large proportion of premier crus, enter the blend for the Cuvée Spéciale. A harmonious blend of 40% chardonnay imparting elegance and finesse, 40% pinot noir for roundness and structure and 20% meunier for fruitiness and soft, supple character.
2013 was a finely crafted vintage, defined by freshness and elegance, despite very challenging conditions. Winter was relatively cold and long, with temperatures as low as -12°C. There was no shortage of rain either, making this a very mixed spring. Fortunately, with more than 800 hours of sunshine, summer was exceptionally hot and dry and the grapes developed well. Light rain showers fell in early September creating good balance in the grapes and adding the finishing touches to ripening. Showing impressively lively character, the grapes impart freshness and elegance to the blend.
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