De Venoge Champagne Cordon Bleu Brut

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1500 mL
Alcohol by volume:
1500 mL
Food pairing:
Seafood, Aperitif
Champagne light yellow. The wine has a pleasant, fresh, lively, well-balanced fruit flavor with notes of green apple. The bouquet of champagne harmoniously combines the flavors of apples, peach and lemon zest.
"Cordon Bleu" Brut Select - harmonious, rounded, complex, gentle champagne of the highest quality with excellent taste and balance of acidity. This is the most common wine Champagne De Venoge. The wine is made according to the traditional technology "champenoise" from a blend of grape varieties Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay. For this wine are selected the best berries. The proportions of the blend give the wine a special taste. Exposure champagne lasted 3 years.
About manufacturer
Champagne House Champagne de Venoge was founded by Henri-Marc de Venoge in 1837 in the city of Mareuil-sur-Ay in Champagne. From the very beginning of its activities, the company sought undeniable quality and novelty in the production of champagne. Therefore, already a few years after the founding, Champagne de Venozh was one of the best Champagne Houses. In confirmation of this status in 1864, for the first time in history, De Venoge creates pink champagne, and a year later it extends the aging period of unmillable champagne to three years. At the same time, the legendary champagne \"Cordon Bleu\" - \"blue ribbon\". Champagne \"Cordon Bleu\" was named in honor of the ancient noble Order of the Holy Spirit, the main symbol of which was the blue ribbon with the Maltese cross. This order was founded by the French king Henry III in 1578. Although today the Champagne House does not belong to the family De Venozh, the principles and traditions of the production of champagne, laid down by its founders, are observed in our time. For the production of its champagne, the company uses only the best grapes collected in the vineyards of the categories Premier and Grand Cru. In addition to the harvest from its own vineyards, the company buys grapes from proven producers for decades. The main distinctive feature of the Champagne de Venoge house is the increased exposure time of champagne. Their non-vile wines are aged up to 3-4 years, millesimny champagne up to 8 years. The production of the House of Champagne de Venoge today is very diverse, today it is one of the few manufacturers who produce absolutely all existing types of champagne. The total production of the company reaches a million bottles a year.
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