Bollina Cuvée Black Brut Spumante

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750 mL
Alcohol by volume:
750 mL
Bollina Cuvée Black Brut Spumante is a delicious sparkling Italian wine that has a nice light straw yellow color and persistent bubbles in the glass. This wine has an elegant bouquet with fruity, intense hints of peach and apple, as well as light shades of almonds and spices. The excellent flavor is rich and l Suitable as an aperitif or for light appetizers and should be served at a temperature of about 4-6 lasting with good acidity and persistence. All in all, a wonderful and well-balanced Italian wine that just has to be tried!
The wine is made from grapes of the Pinot Grigio and Verduzzo varieties, carefully selected, harvested and gently squeezed when they have achieved the perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.
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