Chateau Saint Hilaire Rose Сuvee Prestige 2018

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750 mL
Alcohol by volume:
750 mL
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Vineyards Chateau Saint-Hilaire overlooking the mouth of the Gironde were broken in 1982 on deep gravel soils. The owners of the Chateau gradually expanded the boundaries of the vineyards, capturing over time the mounds in the neighboring municipality. Today, the area of ​​the Chateau\'s land is 30 hectares. The excellent terroir and the solid age of the vines (30 years) make it possible to produce sophisticated and elegant wines in the style typical of the Medoc appellason. After revising the classification in 2003, Chateau vineyards were given the status of Cru Bourgeois. Sichel was founded in 1883, when the Sishel family moved to Bordeaux, and its head decided to start a merchant business (before that the family traveled a lot throughout Europe). The great-grandson of the founder, the Englishman Peter Sishel came to Bordeaux in 1960 and 12 years later, in 1972 he was elected President of the Association of Wine Merchants of Bordeaux. Finally, Peter was based in Bordeaux after meeting with his wife Diana. One of Peter\'s important achievements was the restoration of the old estate in Margot - Chateau d\'Angludet, acquired in 1961. In addition, he was the main shareholder of Chateau Palmer, in which significant investments were made in 1938 by his father, Alan Sishel and three other families. Peter gained the fame of one of the most respected people in Bordeaux; in fact, he was one of the first wine merchants to become a winemaker. Now the name of Peter Sishel is known to the whole world, primarily due to his strategy of combining traditions and modern technologies.
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