Vendome Mademoiselle Merlot

Grape: Merlot
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750 mL
750 mL
Vendôme Mademoiselle Merlot alcohol-free red wine is produced from a red grape variety, with small black grapes, grown on chalky soil in the region of La Mancha in the Spanish sunshine. Of a dark and dense ruby colour, Merlot offers a superb aromatic range. It expresses black fruit aromas such as blackcurrant and blackberry but also cherry and prune. From the first sip, the palate is thus marked by leather, wild mushroom and spicy notes. The Merlot is supple in the mouth with a good balance, lingering tannins and a dry finish. This enjoyable wine, agreeably fruity and accessible, is recommended as an accompaniment to nearly all dishes, especially meat in a sauce or game and can be drunk at any time.
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