Bibi Graetz Testamatta Toscana Rosso 2020

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750 mL
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750 mL
2020 is the year of destiny! It's like when all the stars are aligned, all the planets are aligned. What I really love of the fruit of Testamatta is this incredible strawberries felling mixed with aroma of vanilla, kind of whipped-cream with strawberries! It has an incredible freshness, this is the real beauty of Testamatta 2020. This is the highest level of perfection ever reached.
Three new elements characterize the 2020 vintage. One is the climate, which gave us a powerful vintage. Our best vineyards have never expressed their self so well as in 2020. The new vineyards in Olmo, which brought an incredible freshness to the wines. It has a magic terroir at 420m high. The third element is the new winery in Fiesole in which we managed to work in more evolved and comfortable way. We have now all the tools we need for creating the Testamatta and Colore that we want. In 2020 the growing season was generally warm. After a mild winter, spring started with rains just before the flowering allowing the water supply of the plants. Summer came quickly with high temperatures and drought but fortunately cool nights brought refreshing breezes which helped to preserve both the grapes acidity and aromatic character. Some rainy days before the harvest allowed to reach the ripening of the grapes. The harvest started on September 24th and finished October 15th.
"Testamatta" – "crazy-head" in Italian - is the best word to describe Bibi Graetz: a positive, creative and passionate person. Testamatta wine expresses the purity, minerality and transparency of Sangiovese from old vines on the top of the hills characterized by soils rich of stones. A Supertuscan made with 100% Sangiovese, result of the combination of tradition and creativity.
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