Chateau Vernous Medoc 2019

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750 mL
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750 mL
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Color The wine is a deep blood red color. Taste Fresh, attacking acidity in the taste of wine is smoothed out by silky, well-balanced tannins, which give a pleasant density. At the finish, notes of chocolate, vanilla and wood are added to the tones of black berries and fruits. Aroma The complex aroma of the wine opens with notes of sawdust and oak, and then explodes with shades of black currant, blackberry, cherry, dark chocolate, vanilla and leather.
"Chateau Vernous" , part of Pierre Jean Larraque, has a long history. This estate was built in 1749. In the 19th century, Verno Castle was a meeting place for hunters. Occupied and then abandoned by the Germans during World War II, the Chateau Verno belonged to large wine houses such as Deutz Champagnes. In 1998, Pierre Jean Larrack acquired it and gave a new impetus to this "sleeping beauty." Chateau Verno was transformed and revived in accordance with the development strategy of Pierre Jean Larrack. Three hectares of vines were transplanted, another 4 hectares were bought from a neighboring castle. Today, the area of Chateau vineyards is 49 hectares. Chateau wines for many years deservedly take prizes in various competitions and receive positive reviews from critics. Wine "Chateau Vernous" is made from a blend of grape varieties Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot according to the traditional method. Aging in oak barrels (of which 25% are new) lasts 12-14 months. Vintage 2016 won the bronze medal in the competition "Macon, 2017". More:
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