Fresco di Masi Biologique Organic Rosso Verona IGT

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750 mL
Alcohol by volume:
750 mL
Serve temperature, °C:
Appearance: Light ruby. Nose: Cherry, pomegranate and black currants. Taste Profile: Berry, red fruit, citrus. Finish: Crisp finish. Fresco di Masi is a new line of handcrafted organic wines with lower alcohol content and no compromise on flavour. Serve with veal cutlet, roasted veggies and Parisienne potatoes.
Fresco di Masi is a range of organic wines that interpret a renewed vision of sustainability, produced “by subtraction”, minimising man’s intervention on nature with just unfi ltered wild yeasts, not aged in wood, with a limited alcohol content. Everything superfl uous has also been eliminated from the Fresco di Masi container, to strike the purest essence: the new “Masi Bottle” combines lightness with aesthetic and design, the result of collaboration with world-famous architect Piero Lissoni, as well as the utmost effi ciency: slim, elegant and yet strong, all at once.
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