HI 2015

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750 mL
750 mL
High intensity cherry garnet with purple edging. Covered, deep, high-layer that preludes a great structure. Nose of high aromatic intensity with an excellent fruity expression. Great compendium of aromas that require time in the glass. Very ripe black fruit, fine and delicate spices, subtle roasted and smoked, and elegant balsamic and mineral notes. Excellent entry in the mouth with creamy sensations, sweet and refined texture. Powerful wine and muscles not exempt from high fineness, fleshy and enveloping with silky, polished and balanced tannins. The weight of the fruit dominates in retronasal on a lightly toasted background. Persistent, with a long finish full of elegance and complexity.
Manual harvest in small capacity boxes. Storage of the grapes in refrigerated room at 4 º C for two days for subsequent cold pre-fermentation maceration. Absence of crushing to keep the grape’s oenological potential intact. Vinification with temperature gradient from 10 º C to 26 º C maximum. Maceration of the prolonged skins of more than 20 days, with delicate movements by means of “delestage” and “pigeages” to favor a leisurely extraction of the noble components, and to improve the integration in the wine. Malolactic fermentation in contact with wood.
It is said that everything in life has an unknown part, a hidden part to create curiosity and that few dare to explore. That feeling of containment, of mystery and restlessness to discover, to find out what´s behind it.
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