Fromm Fromm Cuvee H Pinot Noir 2016

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750 mL
750 mL
Hätsch Kalberer, has been FROMM WINERY'S Winemaker since the beginning when FROMM began in 1992. Over these 25 years he has become one of New Zealand's most highly regarded winemakers, continuing to make FROMM WINERY'S outstanding Pinot Noir's that are enjoyed by so many of you across the globe. It therefore, only seemed right that when developments and planning for our "new" Pinot Noir began last year, that we would give Hätsch the recognition that he deserved, and name the wine after him. In December 2016 we bottled Fromm Pinot Noir Cuvée "H" 2015 , just 2,500 bottles in total, a limited number that we want to see being bought and drunk more often and by more of you. The wine... "FROMM Pinot Noir Cuvée "H" 2015" is a thoughtful composite of our five individual single vineyard wines and expresses a winery signature. It is the best Pinot we feel we can make and represents what we appreciate most in fine Pinot Noir. We do not strive to be the biggest and loudest on the block, but instead look for a complete and refined wine. Cuvée “H” is very much built with longevity in mind, however this does not preclude early drinking appeal.
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