Lamblin Sauvignon 2018

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750 mL
750 mL
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Lamblin & Fils is one of the oldest manufacturers in the Chablis region. Since 1690, the farm remains in the ownership of the same family, which has replaced 12 generations. It has gone from a small distillery to a company that exports its products to 50 countries. Each generation adopts knowledge from fathers and grandfathers, complementing them with new modern methods. Lamblin & Fiss plots are located in five different vineyards of Chablis, including the Premier Cru Class and Grand Cru Class. Since 1987, the leaders of the company Michel and Didier Lamblin have been striving to maintain a high level of quality of the wines produced, valuing the reputation established over the years. Upon graduation in 2003, their sons, Clement and Alexander, joined them. Today, Lumblen & Fiss produces 1 million bottles of Chablis annually, with only 20% of the total volume produced from the harvest from its own vineyards. The remaining 80% of the raw materials are bought from other winegrowers in the region. Having gained fame outside the country, the company began to produce wines not only from Chablis, but also Côte d\'Or, Beaujolais and Cotes du Rhone. But the real passion of the Lamblain family is still Chablis. These wines have a fantastic minerality that comes from the depths of this fertile land.
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