Quinta Do Crasto Late Bottled Vintage Port 2013

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750 mL
Alcohol by volume:
750 mL
Serve temperature, °C:
Deep purple in colour, this wine shows an extraordinary intensity of wild fruit aromas, elegant cocoa notes and delicate spice hints. The same intensity is found on the palate, with excellent volume and a compact structure made up of serious, polished and fine-textured tannins. Everything is lovely wrapped in fresh wild berry fruit notes. This is a wine with a balanced finish and as it was bottled without filtration it meets all the conditions for evolving positively in the bottle.
This year was marked by high levels of rainfall and low temperatures until late May. The June to August period was dry, with just 4.6 mm of rainfall. September 5th saw rain, which was instrumental for perfecting the ripening of the grapes. The grapes, coming from old vines, are taken to the winery in plastic boxes. On arrival in the winery they are rigorously inspected on a sorting table. The grapes with their stems are then slightly crushed and transferred to a traditional stone tank where they are foot trodden. After this, the grape spirit is added to stop the fermentation and fortify the wine. Ageing for two years in large Portuguese oak vats. Bottled without fining or filtration; a light sediment may form in the bottle over time.
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