Hoya de Cadenas Reserva Tempranillo

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750 mL
Alcohol by volume:
750 mL
It has a clean appearance and intense deepness with red-vermillion hues. Its bouquet reveals complex aromas of ripe fruit and vanilla. On the palate, is a smooth, velvety wine with a elegant and spicy finish.
The Hoya de Cadenas Estate is a winemaking paradise just 90 Km from the city of Valencia. The estate boasts over 200 hectares of the finest local and international vine varieties. Its situation on the slopes of the Sierra de la Bicuerca affords a particular micro-climate with heat variations from day to night which give the grapes their own special characteristics and encourages the accumulation of highly valued polyphenols. All the vine stocks are supported on trellises and have a local irrigation system, entirely computerized, which is only used when rainfall is scarce. Pruning, pre-pruning and harvesting are all carried out using environmentally friendly techniques to prevent soil erosion and exhaustion.
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